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Quantum Suicide is a Japanese-style Visual Novel set in space. You play as a researcher aboard a spaceship on an epic mission to find humanity a new home. The mission is jeopardized by a corrupted A.I system that forces you to play "The Deletion Game", a weekly game where you must battle your crew mates for survival. Prepare to make both friends and enemies of your crew members as you play through a series of puzzles and strategy mini-games. Can you see the Everett's mission through to the end...alive?

地球は死んでいます。あなたは人類最後の希望です。 Quantum Suicide|量子自殺(りょうし・じさつ)とは、人類に新しい家を見つけるための壮大なミッションに宇宙船に乗って研究者としてプレイするゲームです。宇宙船の人工知能が壊れてしまい、仲間とともに「削除ゲーム」と言う適者生存ゲームを強いられたあなたは毎週パズルやミニ・ゲームを解決しなければなりません。人類の運命を変えますか? あなたは生き残れますか?

An example of the puzzles you can expect (パズルの例):

Quantum Suicide contains 6 courtable options (3 females, 3 males). With their own hopes, desires, personalities, and sexual preferences, you will have to move carefully to earn each character's affections. Each courtable character has at least three posed sprites, each with multiple facial expressions. In addition, all characters are partially voiced by professional Japanese voice actors. Boasting over 50+ hours of gameplay, you must navigate your way through over 30 different endings, including bad, good, and true endings for all courtable options.

Quantum Suicide|量子自殺では、恋愛する6人 (3人の女性・3人の男性)で構成されています。乗員たちは自分の希望、個性、性的嗜好などを持っているので、それぞれの要求を満たすために慎重にアプローチする必要があります。


  • Play as a Boy or a Girl
  • 女性か男性を選び、星をナビゲート
  • 7 Courtable Options (3 Male, 3 Female)
  • 選べる7人のキャラクター
  • Courtable Options Have Their Own Sexual Preferences
  • 選べる7人のキャラクターは恋愛の好みもそれぞれ
  • Including 6 chapters and over 30 Different Endings
  • 全6章と30種類以上の違うエンディングが登場。
  • Available in English and Japanese, with Voice acting.
  • 音声はもちろん、各操作は英語と日本語の2カ国語に対応。

Games Release: July 2017
発売日: 2017年7月

Install instructions

You will need to unzip the file before you can install and play :)


Quantum Suicide Demo. (153 MB)
Quantum Suicide Beta Prologue. (273 MB)


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Got around to trying the demo(s). Pretty cool! The game reminds me strongly of 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors complete with one guy who dies right off the bat, although there may be more elements in common with Virtue's Last Reward but I don't remember much from that title at this time. The characters look great and the voice actors are amazing. Setting looks fine and the art is gorgeous. I'm left wondering about the player character's family and if they have cybernetic implants aside from the chip the AI mentioned. If I am honest I am not very interested in romance VNs but I'm looking forward to the release all the same. Best of luck!

Hi SladeJT!

Thank you so much for giving the demo/s a shot! I am glad you like it regardless of the romance elements :P

We are really inspired by the Zero Escape series ad well as the Danganronpa series so for you to get that feel means a lot to us! I really hope that the release does not disappoint you! Thanks for your kind words about the art and the voice acting, I will be sure to pass that on! We enjoy that you have been left wondering...that is exactly where we want you :P


Very cool game so far! I can't wait to play the full release - it's nice to see a romance + survival game mix! Of course, I've played other romance games in wich your character can die, but this is the first one that makes is a full part of the game you must play with.

And the art is so gorgeous too!

Still, I wonder who will be an avaible romance option for wich gender...

Hey Konoi!

Thank you so much for your kind words - We are working really hard to bring everyone the best possible game we can!

Many people have asked about the romance options...but it's a tightly kept secret! I hope you find out first hand upon it's release when you follow your heart! I wish you all the best in your romantic endeavours :D

Haha, thank you! Yeah, I may be curious, but it's always better to discover it while playing. I have some speculations of course, but it's hard to tell at that point!

Can I ask who the potential VAs (voice actors) for this one are?

Hey Karikichi :)

The Voice actors are currently as follows:

KIMIKO: Yahiro

SHIZUKA: Otowa Sakuya

BEATRIX: Miru Kurumi

KATASHI: Watari Zemi

NIKOLAS: Babaten


AI: Miru Kurumi

The links take you to their profession pages, however, they are logged to be accessed only by Japan. Hope this helps answer your question!

Ohh.. I see. Thank you very much! :D

Did a full playthrough of the demo. Really enjoyed it and can't wait for more!

Thanks heaps for the play through! I am supppper glad you liked it! :)