Slight delay due to illness.

Salutations community and Quantumers!

I am just writing to let you know that the Quantum Suicide release has been pushed back slightly.

Unfortunately, as a one woman band, current illness has meant that I have not been able to meet deadlines and this will impact the release.

The new release is expected sometime during April - but a 7 day countdown will start on our official Twitter page :) If you are interested, please follow us there <3

I am super sorry for the delay and am doing my best to get back on track!

<3 MoltenCherry

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Get plenty of rest and I hope you'll get better soon! 

We will wait patiently for the release, don't worry :) 

You've come a long way and worked so hard! As soon as you're better, the game will be done and you'll be able to cross that finish line! Ganbatte!

I hope you'll feel better soon!

No problem at all, hope she feels better soon. Rest up, stay safe and can't wait to play this game!

It's okay MoltenCherry, rest up and stay safe.
I will patiently await for the release, can't wait to play!